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a big bang challenge: olympic style
Writer Info and Sign Ups! 
11th-Aug-2012 10:58 pm
Writer Sign Ups Are Closed.

Info and Rules for Writers
  1. The minimum word count for your fic must be 5000 words. There is no maximum length, so feel free to write us an epic <3.
  2. Your fic can be slash, het, or gen.
  3. The central characters of your story MUST be Olympic athletes (Summer or Winter). Crossovers with other fandom or personas (i.e. Ryan Lochte/Jensen Ackles) are allowed, but your main character(s) needs to be an Olympic athlete.
  4. AUs are allowed. Bring on KingArthur!Michael Phelps and SirLancelot!Ryan Lochte.
  5. Stories cannot be posted anywhere prior to your assigned posting date.
To Sign Up:

Please copy and paste the following into a comment to enter as a writer! Comments are screened, and your email won't be used for purposes other than to give you updated challenge information. You can change your mind about who you're writing about - I'm just curious!
I am aware of the important dates for this challenge: YES/NO
I am writing about: 
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to PM me or email me at olympicminibb@gmail.com.
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