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a big bang challenge: olympic style
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11th-Aug-2012 10:39 pm - [sticky post] Olympic Mini Big Bang Challenge!
Welcome to the Olympic Mini Big Bang Challenge!

The Olympics may be drawing to a close in less than 24 hours, but it doesn't mean that the party has to end. What's the Olympic Mini Big Bang challenge, you ask? To put it simply - it's a big bang challenge for our favourite Olympic pairings on a smaller scale. It's a place where writers and artists can collaborate and create amazing fanworks featuring the hottie mchothots of the Olympics (both Summer and Winter, of course!).

I did say that this is a mini big bang, so instead of the usual 20K word-minimum of regular big bangs, the minimum word count for this challenge is 5000 words. There is no upper limit, so go nuts, y'all!

Of course, a big bang just isn't a big bang without awesome artists. For the purposes of this challenge, the following falls under the art umbrella: trad or digital art, manips, icons, fanvids, fan mixes and soundtracks, wallpapers, and cover art.

[Important Dates]

Important Dates

Aug 12: Artist/Writer Sign Ups Open 
Sep 01: Writer Sign Ups Close
Oct 01: Artist Sign Ups Close
Oct 15: Writer Draft Due Date
Oct 18: Artist Claims
Nov 10: Artist Draft Due Date
Nov 15: Posting Starts

There's tons of time to get your art and write on, so join in the fun! Just think of the possibilities...several long Olympic fic and art just before Christmas? YES, PLEASE.

More specific information can be found on the sign up pages, so when you're ready head on over and sign up as a writer or an artist - or hell, both!


Title: Trials and Tribulations
Author: cupcakegirla (tumblr/AO3/LJ)
Artist: :( there isn't one
Pairing(s): Ryan Lochte/Michael Phelps
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 12,518
Summary: Michael is a little confused heading into London. But it’s not about Ryan. It’s not! Ok. Maybe it’s about Ryan, at least a little bit. Ok. A lot. But it’s not strictly about Ryan. There’s other stuff too.

Link to Fic/Art Masterpost: on LJ // on AO3
{a} galen hooks; are you beaming out
Title: just want to stare into the light
Author: finkpishnets
Pairing(s): Max Whitlock/Sam Oldham & Kristian Thomas/Louis Smith
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5,587
Summary: Boarding School AU. In which Louis and Kristian co-host a radio show, everyone overuses twitter, and there’s far too much pining (mostly the oblivious sort).
Notes: Thanks to misprinting for looking this over for me and telling me I wasn’t completely crazy for scrapping all my original ideas in favour of something utterly dumb.

Link to Fic Masterpost: on LJ // on AO3
12th-Dec-2012 07:49 pm - Fic: Time for Love (1/1) [Natuzzi]
other: sunflower
Title: Time for Love
Author: scoobydumblonde
Pairing(s): Natuzzi
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 5,126
Summary: Todd and Markus have been together for years. During Turin, the Canadian team thinks Todd needs a more calming influence. In the years following, Markus is Todd's rock.
Notes: For all the Natuzzi fans who've missed these two. I doubt I'm the only one.

Link to Masterpost: Long time no see
swimming: Michael & Ryan
Title: Always Have
Author: scoobydumblonde
Artist: vingtdigniti
Pairing(s): Lochte/Phelps
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 5,066
Summary: Ryan loves Michael. He always has. But Michael's not sure if it's love or just lust. When Michael decides he's ready, will Ryan still be waiting for him?
Notes: Special thanks to Kiki for always pushing me. And special thanks to my artist for the amazing work!

Link to Fic Masterpost: Which is really the actual post 'cause at only 5k it's not big enough for me to split into parts @ dreamwidth.org
Link to Art Masterpost: The utterly amazing vid and artwork.
cj bw
Title: Rush Night
Author: kingzgurl
Verse: Bonds of Brotherhood (Fraternity AU)
Fandom: Olympics, Swimming and Gymnastics
Pairing: Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte, Chris Brooks/Jonathan Horton
Word Count: 9,500
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Rush Night freshman year changed Michael Phelps’ life. It was a night he almost skipped out on.
Title: Catching Forty
Author: cupcakegirla (tumblr/AO3/LJ)
Artist: kateison/Kavinskysdick (tumblr)
Pairing(s): JR Celski/Apolo Ohno
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 5,439
Summary: Unable to sleep in his dorm room in the Olympic Athletes Village in Vancouver, Apolo pays a visit to JR.

Link to Fic/Art Masterpost: on LJ // on AO3
2nd-Dec-2012 10:55 pm - Olympic Holidays!
Dec 2: Prompting starts
Dec 5: Prompting ends
Dec 6: Masterlist provided
Dec 7: Claiming starts
Dec 25-31: Self-posting

Come join and sent in a prompt here!
Title: sugar o'er the devil (i made cupcakes)
Author: silentdictator
Artist: precipitiamo
Pairing(s): Phelps/Lochte
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 6 091
Summary: Michael is a brave Gryffindor. Ryan is a crafty Slytherin. A story of Michael wanting to do things right the first time and the Quidditch World Cup getting in the way. And Potions.
Notes: A giant thank you to precipitiamo for creating such lovely art! Title from Hamlet. Polonius' wisdom in the house.

Link to Fic Masterpost: @LJ
Link to Art Masterpost: @LJ
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